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Sevenoaks Primary School

SevenOaksPrimary School

‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote)-– Ofsted 2017
Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning-Ofsted 2017
Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned-Ofsted 2017
Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally-Parent
We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary-Parent
Pupils achieve well at this school-Ofsted 2017
Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable-Parent

3. Archive Newsletter 20.10.17

Friday 20th
Monday 30th
2:45pm Uniform Shop open
Tuesday 31st
2A, 2C, 6B, 6C swimming
Wednesday 1st November
Sports Hall Athletics in Aylesford. Selected yr3-6 pupils
7:00 – 8:30pm Family Learning Session: Phonics for Foundation Stage
Thursday 2nd
7:00 – 8:30pm Family Learning Session: Phonics for Foundation Stage
Friday 3rd
9:15am Year 1 Coffee Morning in Dining Hall
6:30 – 8:30pm SPSA Halloween Family Disco
Tuesday 7th
2A, 2C, 6B, 6C swimming
4:00pm Netball fixtures vs Amherst and Churchill
Thursday 9th
3:45pm Girls’ Football Festival at Knole Academy. Selected KS2 pupils
Year 5 Kathkali event at Sevenoaks School
Friday 10th
Flu nasal vaccinations for Foundation Stage to Year 4 pupils. Parental permission required in advance.
SPSA Own Clothes Day.
Monday 13th
2:45pm Uniform Shop open
Tuesday 14th
2B, 2C, 6B, 6C swimming
3:30pm Handball at Knole Academy. Selected KS2 pupils
Wednesday 15th
Year 6 Bikeability
Thursday 16th
Year 6 Bikeability
Years 1&2 Creative Education Workshop in Main Hall
Dear Parents/Carers
We have almost completed our first term in the New Building and it now feels very much like home. A number of children (past and present), staff and parents feared that we might lose the spirit of SPS in the move but I am pleased to report that it very much remains intact, with our identity quite literally stamped on the building!
We organised a number of ‘open afternoons’ for parents to look around the new building and we will hold further events in Term 2, providing opportunities to explore the new facilities.
Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health
There is a growing recognition and understanding within schools of the importance of well-being and general happiness.  The focus in the past has often been on raising academic performance, whilst failing to understand that this is unlikely to occur if issues relating to well-being and mental health are not addressed.
Well-being should be at the core of everything we do. We aim to create positive, nurturing environments in which we get to know our children, how they learn and what we can do to support them in all aspects of their time here. 

Last year we took the lead within the Sevenoaks Partnership of Schools to raise the profile of mental health and worked closely with MIND and the Waller Trust (both Mental Health charities). The organisations provided training for staff, input to the children and information sessions for parents. These sessions were incredibly useful and well received and we hope to continue our association with them in the future.

I met recently with Andrew Reid (Headteacher at Amherst) and representatives from the Fegans children counselling organisation. The latter are organising a free information evening for parents entitled ‘Happy Child Happy Parent’, on Tuesday 14th November 7.30pm – 9pm at St Nicholas’ Church. The session will cover a range of issues, which will include:

  • Practical guidance  on digital interaction
  • Dealing with bullying and family breakdown
  • Quality time and setting boundaries

I am sure it will prove to be a very informative and useful evening and I do encourage you to attend.

Demolition and Redevelopment of the Site

The preparation for the demolition has already begun with the internal stripping out of the old building. The actual ‘knocking down’ of the school begins on Monday 23rd November. I have the honour, gifted to me by parents at the Promises Auction, to strike the first blow! I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and will ensure we have a photographic record.

The timescale for the completion of the demolition process and the associated landscaping is the end of March 2018. This work includes the installation of the covered walkway connecting both parts of the school (the new build with the modular buildings), landscaping and the completion of the security fencing.

Enhancement to the modular buildings

The covered walkway will connect Phase 1 with the remainder of the school and will extend to the Villa. Alterations to the modular buildings commenced during the summer holidays and further improvements are planned for the exterior of the buildings for summer 2018. The intention is to decorate the external walls to match the design of the new building.

Phase 1 playground – the current play area will remain but will be extended as part of the landscaping process once the Key Stage 1 and 2 wings have been demolished.

Coffee Morning – I have planned a coffee morning on Friday 3rd November at 9:15am in the Dining Hall for Year 1 parents and will use the opportunity to elaborate on our plans for Phase 1.

Development of the site

You may think that the completion of the New Building and improvements to the modular buildings brings an end to our redevelopment and improvement plans, but, in reality it is just the start and there is still much more that we are hoping to achieve in the future.

Sevenoaks Primary School’s New Sensory Garden and Allotment

Although landscaping has been incorporated into the project, we still believe that there is huge potential in our site, which we are hoping to realise in the years to come.

We are blessed with fantastic grounds, which enable us engage in a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Over the next few years we want to explore the possibility of utilising them further.

We will continue to look at creative ways of obtaining funding for such projects. One such way is through the Aviva Community Fund. Aviva give out funding to local projects that are making a positive change in their community. We have applied for funding in the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ category.

We are hoping to establish a sensory garden with allotments and a creative area where children can design build and analyse everyday items, have a greenhouse, composters, solar powered water feature and scarecrows. This will create an outdoor classroom that encourages creative, resilient and motivated children.

Further details on the Aviva Community Fund and how to register your vote for the school is detailed in this Newsletter.

Alan Duffy

A reminder of Phase groupings and senior leaders
Phase 1 - Foundation Stage and Year 1 (Phase Lead Miss Hawes)
Phase 2 – Years 2 and 3 (Phase Lead Mr Walker)
Phase 3 – Years 4, 5 & 6 (Phase Lead Mrs Perkins)
Our Assistant Headteachers are Miss Durkin and Mrs White.
Flu vaccination consent forms for years 1-4
Your child will have recently brought home an envelope from the NHS Immunisation Team, offering the opportunity to have the flu vaccination nasal spray on Friday 10th November. Foundation Stage parents will have received letters directly from the NHS.
It is imperative that the school receives the forms back from the year 1-4 parents as soon as possible. Without your consent, your child will not be able to participate. Please ensure that these are completed and returned to your class teacher.
Admission to Primary School – September 2018/19
If you have a child who was born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 and, therefore, due to start in September 2017, you will be able to apply for your child’s place in primary school from 6th November 2017. The application period will close on 15th January 2018. If you do not have access to the internet and would like to come into school to complete your application, please contact Mrs Doleman, our Admissions Officer, in the school office to arrange an appointment.
If the child you are applying for has a sibling currently at Sevenoaks Primary School, please use the following link to submit your child’s details:
Aquafun Event
On Monday 16th October, twelve children from year 3 and 4 had fun at the Aqua Fun Festival at Sevenoaks School.
The afternoon consisted of races against nine other schools who attended.  This was then followed with fun activities such as diving for treasure, float fun, snorkling and  water polo.
An energetic and successful afternoon was had by all!
Well done to:
Year 3
Annabel, Michelle, Ember, James, Oliver and Charlie
Year 4
Ellie H, Emilia, Carly, Jonathan, Daniel and Max
Uniform Shop opening dates
The uniform shop will be open on the following dates:
30th October
13th and 27th November
11th December
It is located in the Studio, and access is through the exit door to the building.
Sports Photos
Does your child participate in an external sports club? We would like to invite pupils to bring in a photograph of themselves in their kits to create a display celebrating the diversity of sports they enjoy.
What we would need:
Photograph in an envelope, marked with your child’s name and class.
These can be handed in to your child’s teacher.

An introduction to our new Assistant Head – Sarah White


“Hello, I am S arah White and very pleased to have joined the Sevenoaks Primary School community.  My roles include being one of the Assistant Head Teachers and the class teacher of 3B. 

I am originally from New Zealand (the accent is a bit of a give-away) and after gaining my degree and teaching for three years in a very small school in New Zealand I decided to spread my wings and move to the UK.  After 12 years here it is safe to say it is now the place I call home.   I have been lucky enough to work in a range of schools across Inner London and Kent.  Throughout my career, I have worked across all key stages.  I feel by having this wealth of experience I can cater to the needs of all children in my care. 

I have spent the last six years developing my skills as a senior leader.

I am excited by continuing to develop a growth mindset culture within Sevenoaks Primary and supporting children on their learning journey. 

If you see me around, please come and say hello!  I look forward meeting you all and being part of the school community.”

Lost Property.
The new system!

Phase 1:

  • Any items lost in the Phase 1 playgrounds or classrooms will be placed in the black box outside class 1A. Parents/carers are welcome to search through the box at drop off or pick up to look for any lost items.
  • After a week, the box will be sorted. Any named items will be bagged, labelled and returned to your child. Unnamed items will be sent to the lost property cupboards outside the main school entrance door. Parents are welcome to look through the cupboard. 
  • Items left unclaimed and unnamed in the cupboard for longer than three weeks will sent away to be recycled or resold.

If, however, items are lost in the main school building, they may end up in the Phase 2 lost property box. These items will be sorted through each week. As above, if named, they will be bagged, labelled and returned to your child. Unnamed items will be sent to the lost property cupboards.

Phases 2 and 3:

  • Each phase has a black box on their floor into which any items of lost property are placed. Children can access the boxes during the day to look for any lost items.
  • Once a week, the boxes will be sorted. Any named items will be bagged, labelled and returned to your child. Unnamed items will be sent to the lost property cupboards outside the main school entrance door. Parents are welcome to look through the cupboard.
  • Items left unclaimed and unnamed in the cupboard for longer than three weeks will sent away to be recycled or resold.

The lost property volunteers

Thank you to Tessa Rowland and her group of volunteers who regularly sort through the lost property and return it to its owners.  The system should work, but school jumpers, ties and coats all look very much alike. They MUST be named!

Please, please, please ensure that ALL your children’s belongings are named.



We are Proud of Our Heritage

Sevenoaks Primary School Association has received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, ‘We’re Proud of Our Heritage’. The £10,000 will benefit from matched funding, taking the total to £20,000.
'We're Proud of Our Heritage' is a project about maintaining pride in our school and a sense of belonging throughout our community. This project will preserve our heritage for posterity by capturing depictions of what has transpired on our school premises over the years. This enables the pupils to understand their heritage which may inspire them to build their own legacy.
Reminders of our heritage will be scattered across the premises as
  • An oral history
  • Mural map of the premises in 1951 and 2017
  • A timeline illustrating historic events of school, local and national significance between 1951 – 2017
  • Word and image associations will be shaped into the school’s emblem
  • Photographic evidence will adorn interior walls remembering those who went before us
Thank you to those who played National Lottery players and thought you didn’t win big – you’ve enabled us to win big! This win is timely as the building that has served as a school will be demolished in March 2018 can be remembered accordingly.
Special thanks to members of the community who made this possible; Mr Duffy, Bri Wood, Miss Fearfield, Mrs Melanie McInerney, Mrs Terry D’avrincourt, Mr Alistair Mitchell, Mr David Killingray, Play 4 Ages, Born to Perform, St John’s Residents Association and Mr Raj Kumar.
“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”             Winston Churchill
Anita Jones

Sevenoaks Primary School’s New Sensory Garden and Allotments

Help make this a reality. The SPSA could establish a sensory garden with allotments and a creative area where children can design, build and analyse everyday items, have a greenhouse, composters, solar powered water feature and scarecrows. The garden will have the focus of recycling perceived waste into something beneficial. This will create an outdoor classroom that encourages creative, resilient and motivated children. We encourage grandparents and their friends to get involved.
Visit: for information about the opportunity. Voting links to follow from 24 October. Projects with the most votes will qualify as finalists. We are feeling inspired by the challenge of collecting over 10,000 votes for a cause that encourages child development, grows food and creativity as well as embracing the skills of our elders.
The power to make a difference is in your hands, without costing a penny. SPS is relying on each of our votes to increase our chances of winning £25,000 from the Aviva Community Fund.
Get ready to vote 9:00 on 24 October – midday on 21 November 2017, then share the link with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. We are considering corporate and media channels to increase votes, please get in touch if you share this vision and want to join the fun.
For information or suggestions: Anita on