Year 6 Children's Work

During Term 1, we have studied art by Paul Gaugin, learnt about the Victorian explorers David Livingstone and Mary Kingsley and learnt about the Victorian railway as part of our topic of Exploration.

Blackland Farm
Another highlight of our term was our trip to Blackland Farm.  During our trip, the children had immense fun and their perseverance, teamwork and courage developed over the course of the week.  The children enjoyed themselves climbing trees, abseiling down towers, hiking through woods at night and canoeing on the resevoir.

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen treated the Year 6's to a writing workshop having delivered a talk to a number of children from SPS and other local schools.



Year 6 have got to grips, over the last two years, with the ICT digital modelling programme SketchUp and can now create a number of models swiftly and independently.


World War II Workshop

Once again, Year 6 were treated to a workshop from Marcus of Creative Education to bring alive the learning of their history topic.