Year 5 Children's Work

Our aim is for the children’s learning to be as varied and interesting as possible, with practical science, educational trips, challenging ICT tasks and creative art all used to broaden the curriculum and develop knowledge and skills.




For example, Our Forces of Nature topic begins with a trip to the Science Museum, and leads into various forces investigations, including gravity, friction and water resistance. We explore mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, create tile prints of mountain scenes inspired by the artist Hokusai (see below), and develop publishing skills with detailed cross sections of a volcano.

Year 5 have studied the 36 views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai and used a printing technique to create their own versions.


Fantastic creations of Aztec Masks by Year 5 to support their learning of the Aztecs.


As part of their DT curriculum, Year 5 have been tasting different breads and then making their own breadrolls.

Firstly, they made a plain roll to experience the texture and taste of bread without any added flavours.  Then they made their own rolls with 'fillings' of their choice - see the photos below to see how they turned out .....


SketchUp Snowmen

Using SketchUp we created 3D digital models of snowmen which we later imported into Publisher to make Christmas cards with.