Travel Committee

The Travel Committee has been established to make overall journeys to and from Sevenoaks Primary School safer, healthier and more enjoyable.

The committee consists of parent volunteers, the Deputy Headteacher and the Bursar. The most recent Travel Committee was established in November 2022.

What are the aims of the Travel Committee?

The Travel Plan aims to make overall journeys to and from Sevenoaks Primary School safer, healthier and more enjoyable by:

  • encouraging children, parents and staff to walk, cycle and scoot to School as part of a healthier lifestyle
  • educating all about road safety
  • reducing the total number of cars used for the school journey
  • reducing the congestion, and hence pollution, outside the School at peak times

What have previous Travel Committees achieved?

A Travel Committee established from 2014-2019 successfully:

  • extended the double yellow lines on Bradbourne Road to improve the line of sight for those crossing and avoid cars parked by the narrow path
  • improved the positioning of the zigzag lines on Bradbourne Road
  • worked with Walthemstow Hall Junior School to stagger drop off and pick up times in order to ease congestion on Bradbourne Park Road.

 In 2019, a separate group of parents worked on a Twenty’s Plenty campaign to limit the speed on the roads around the school. This campaign was successful and, as you will see, the roads have clear 20mph signs at both ends and on the road itself.

How do we represent all parents’ views and how do we keep parents informed?

The Travel Committee was established as a result of concerns raised at Parent Council. Parent and pupil surveys have been carried out to establish the current situation and gain feedback from parents regarding concerns and suggestions. Subsequently parents can feed views into the Travel Committee directly through the school’s email or via the Parent Council.

Parents are informed about findings and actions via the school newsletter.

How to become involved?

The Travel Committee meets termly in school time.

If you are interested in joining, please let the school office know.