SPS Governors



Governor Key Role Designation Committee
Melanie McInerney

Chair of Governing Board, 

Quality of Education

Co-opted Resources, Learning & Development
Sarah Collins Behaviour Parent Learning & Development
Cassandra Malone Headteacher Resources, Learning & Development
Simon Leigh Vice Chair of Governing Board, Chair of Learning & Development Committee Co-opted Learning & Development, Resources
Miriam Nadarajah Vice Chair of Learning & Development Committee, Safeguarding Co-opted Learning & Development
Jo Wildman Co-opted Resources
Gareth Walters Health & Safety LA Governor Resources
Joshua Homewood Assistant Headteacher Staff Learning & Development
Jeremy Barker Vice Chair of Resources Committee, Financial Monitoring Co-opted Resources 
James Neill Chair of Resources Committee Co-opted Resources
Suzanne Rodenhurst Bursar Associate Member Resources 
Grace Amure Special Educational Needs Parent Learning & Development
Nicola Glover Special Educational Needs, Early Years Parent Learning & Development
Pui To Risk, Behaviour Parent Resources
Eva Coddington Co-opted Resources
Cath Nicholson   Co-opted Learning & Development
Kath Baillache Clerk All

Committee Membership and Governor Responsibilities




Simon Leigh (Chairman) James Neill (Chair)
Miriam Nadarajah (Vice Chair) Jeremy Barker (Vice-Chair)
Cassandra Malone Melanie McInerney
Sarah Collins Cassandra Malone
Joshua Homewood Pui To
Grace Amure Suzanne Rodenhurst (Bursar)
Melanie McInerney Jo Wildman
Nicola Glover Gareth Walters
Cath Nicholson Simon Leigh
Eva Coddington

Governor Link for School Improvement Plan Priorities:

Quality of Education : Melanie McInerney, Miriam Nadarajah, Cath Nicholson

Behaviour and Attitudes :

Sarah Collins, Pui To

Personal Development :

Eva Coddington, Jo Wildman

Leadership & Management:

Jeremy Barker, Gareth Walters, 
Early Years Nicola Glover

Governor Biographies

  • Melanie McInerney
  • Simon Leigh
  • Sarah Collins
  • Jeremy Barker
  • James Neill
  • Miriam Nadarajah
  • Grace Amure
  • Gareth Walters
  • Jo Wildman

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