Phase 3 100 Book Challenge! 

In Phase 3 we run the "100 Book Challenge!" a reading challenge for our children to encourage more children to discover the joy of reading for pleasure and to direct those already enthusiastic readers towards a wider range of suitable books.

At the start of Phase 3 we share a list of recommended books (in both title/author and front cover format) with you in the children's reading log as we thought it would be useful to have it available so that children who are keen to get started with the challenge can see which books are being suggested. 

The list has more than 100 books, and has been compiled with suggestions from
parents, children and staff, so hopefully there will be something to interest

The challenge is for the children to have read 100 of the books from the list during their time in Phase 3 (Years 3 - 6).

All books on the list are available to borrow from the school, please remember to return books promptly when completed as another child may wish to borrow it.

We are really looking forward to hearing from the children about which books they have tried and enjoyed. There will be lots of opportunities to make recommendations to other children and feedback about the range of books.

The staff have also enjoyed reading the books and have written book reviews telling the children what they think of them. We hope our children enjoy reading the books as much as we have! 

Happy reading everyone!


We are very proud of our children's passion for reading and this challenge has created a real buzz of excitement around books and reading, as children find new favourites and make recommendations to their peers.  Take a look at the books on our list and see what your child would love to read next.