Family Learning Sessions

At Sevenoaks Primary School we believe it is important to work in partnership with parents and carers.

We organise a series of family learning meetings. These can be afternoon or evening information sessions or more informal coffee mornings at the school, where a member of staff talks about a subject to give parents and carers more information on how they can support their children's education.

At Sevenoaks Primary School we value the relationships that we have with the parents and carers of the children in our care. We also acknowledge the importance of parental support and partnership in the education and wellbeing of our children. Family learning sessions aim to ensure that parents are kept abreast of current educational trends, teaching methods and the ways in which children can be best helped to reach their potential.

You can find under your keystage link to the left, the resources from the family learning sessions as well as links to some of the external resources mentioned.

If there are any other subjects you would like to be covered, please mention them to your class representative, or contact Miss Durkin via the school office.