Diary Dates 2022 - 2023





Tuesday 29th                                   Year 3 Science Workshop (in school)

Wednesday 30th                             Uniform Shop - 8.50-9.30am


Tuesday 6th                                      Tigers Nativity – 9.30am

                                                            2B/1A Nativity – 2.30pm

Wednesday 7th                                 Lions Nativity – 9.30am

                                                             2A/1B Nativity – 2.30pm

Thursday 8th                                      New Parents’ Open Morning

                                                             2C/1C Nativity – 2.30pm

Friday 9th                                            Leopards Nativity – 9.30am

                                                             Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

                                                             Clubs Finish

Monday 12th                                       Panto Bus (in school)

                                                             Year 2 visit to St John's Church

Tuesday 13th                                      Foundation Stage and KS1 Christmas Lunch

                                                             KS2 Christmas Party

Wednesday 14th                               KS2 Christmas Lunch

                                                            Foundation Stage and KS1 Christmas Party

Friday 16th                                         Year 3/4 Carol Service at St Johns – 10.30am

                                                            Year 5/6 Carol Service at St Johns – 2pm

                                                            Last Day of Term



Tuesday 3rd                                       Inset Day (no children in school)

Wednesday 4th                                 First Day of Term 3

Monday 9th                                        Clubs start

Tuesday 10th                                     Year 6 Parent/Carer Information Meeting – 6pm

Wednesday 11th                                Year 6 Parent/Carer Information Meeting – 9am

Monday 16th                                      5A & 5B Knole House Trip

Tuesday 17th                                               Year 3 Egyptian Day (in school) 

                                                              5C Knole House Trip    

Thursday 19th                                     Year 2 Pirate Day (in school)

                                                              3C Gamelan Workshop at Sevenoaks School

Thursday 26th                                    2C Class Assembly – 9.15am



Wednesday 1st                                 2A Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                            Parent Council Meeting – 2pm

Thursday 2nd                                   3A Gamelan Workshop at Sevenoaks School

Friday 3rd                                           Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Monday 6th                                      1B Sealife Centre trip

Tuesday 7th                                      1A Sealife Centre trip

Wednesday 8th                                2B Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                            1C Sealife Centre trip

Thursday 9th                                      Year 5 Macbeth Workshop (in school),                                                                                   Parents/Carers can attend from 2.30pm

                                                             3A Gamelan Workshop at Sevenoaks School

                                                             Open Evening – 6-8.00pm

Friday 10th                                          Big Book Day (in school)

Last Day of Term



Monday 20th                                      First Day of Term 4

                                                             Year 6 WW2 Workshop (in school)

Wednesday 22nd                              3C Class Assembly – 9.15am 

Thursday 23rd                                  3B Gamelan Workshop at Sevenoaks School

Monday 27th                                     Year 5/6 Parent/Carer Online Safety Talk - 6pm      



Wednesday 1st                                 Year 5/6 Parent/Carer Online Safety Talk - 9am

                                                            3A Class Assembly – 9.15am

Wednesday 8th                                3B Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                            TEDS Day (in school)

Thursday 16th                                   Year 2 Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve Trip

Saturday 18th                                    PTA Quiz

Monday 20th                                     Year R-6 Parent Consultations

Tuesday 21st                                      Year R-6 Parent Consultations (late night)

Wednesday 22nd                              4B Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                             Year R-6 Parent Consultations

Thursday 23rd                                   Year R-6 Parent Consultations

                                                             3B Gamelan Workshop at Sevenoaks School

Friday 24th                                         Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Monday 27th                                      Year 2 SATS Parents’ Meeting – 2.00pm

Tuesday 28th                                     Big Book Day (in school)

Wednesday 29th                               Year 4 Kent Life Museum Trip

Friday 31st                                            Last Day of Term



Monday 17th                                       First Day of Term

Wednesday 26th                               1C Class Assembly – 9.15am



Monday 1st                                         Public Holiday (no children in school)

Wednesday 3rd                                 1B Class Assembly – 9.15am

Thursday 4th                                      Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm Trip                          

Wednesday 10th                                1A Class Assembly – 9.15am

Monday 15th                                       Year 4 Horton Kirby Trip

Wednesday 17th                                4C Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                             Parent Council Meeting – 2pm

Thursday 18th                                    Foundation Stage Fairy Tale Workshop (in school)

                                                             Year 2 Samuel Pepys Workshop (in school)

Friday 19th                                          Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

Wednesday 24th                                4A Class Assembly – 9.15am

Thursday 25th                                    Year 5 Secondary Transfer Parent/Carer                                                                                Meetings – 9am & 6.15pm

                                                             Big Book Day (in school)

Friday 26th                                         Last Day of Term



Monday 5th                                        Inset day (no children in school)

Tuesday 6th                                       First Day of term 6

Wednesday 7th                                 Lions Class Assembly – 9.15am

Thursday 8th                                      Leopards Class Assembly – 9.15am

Friday 9th                                           Tigers Class Assembly – 9.15am

                                                             Year 6 Sleepover

Thursday 15th                                    Class Photos

Tuesday 20th                                     Year 3/4 Sports Day – am

                                                             Year 5/6 Sports Day – pm

Wednesday 21st                                Year 1/2 Sports Day - am              

                                                             Foundation Stage Sports Day – pm         

                                                             TEDS Day (in school)

Friday 23rd                                                        PTA Own Clothes Day

                                                             4B Violin Showcase – 10am

                                                             4C Violin Showcase – 11.20am

                                                             4A Violin Showcase – 2.15pm

Tuesday 27th                                      Reserve Sports Day for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

Wednesday 28th                               Reserve Sports Day for Year 1/2 and Foundation                                                                    Stage             



Saturday 1st                                       PTA Summer Fair

Wednesday 5th                                 Meet the Year 1 Teachers Parent meeting – 9am

                                                             New Reception Parents Information Evening - 6-                                                                 8.30pm

Thursday 6th                                                  Year 5 Maya Workshop (in school)                     

Friday 7th                                            Meet the Year 2 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                             Music Recital – 3.30-4.30pm

                                                             Clubs finish

Monday 10th                                      Foundation Stage 2022 Meet the Teacher – 9.45-                                                                10.30am

Tuesday 11th                                      Meet the Year 4 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                            Year 6 Production - 6A – 6.30pm

Wednesday 12th                               Meet the Year 3 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                            Year 6 Production - 6B – 6.30pm

Thursday 13th                                    Meet the Year 5 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

                                                            Year 6 Production - 6C – 6.30pm

Friday 14th                                          Meet the Year 6 Teachers Parent Meeting – 9am

Monday 17th                                      Open Afternoon – 3.30-4.30pm

Tuesday 18th                                   Year 6 First Aid Training (in school)

Wednesday 19th                               Big Book Day (in school)

                                                            Leavers’ Disco

Friday 21st                                           6A Leavers’ Assembly – 9am

                                                            6B Leavers’ Assembly – 10am

                                                            6C Leavers’ Assembly – 11am

                                                            Last Day of Term