Website Requirements

Our school website is directed by Ofsted and Government legislation to publish certain information, please find below our links to where this information can be found on our website.

Required Information


A domain name that makes sense to visitors

Find our school@ or

Term dates for the next two years -  This Year   Next Year

Governors’ page, with information about the role of the governing body, how to become a governor, forthcoming meeting dates and non-confidential minutes

Information about the PTA or Parents Forum - Parent Council  /  SPSA

Snow and bad weather policy, with a link to the local radio station Snow Line

Secure area for governors - We use our Sharepoint site for this for this.

A feedback page, explaining how parents’ questions and suggestions have been acted on - At relevant times (eg just after a parent survey) this information can be found in our Parent Council area

Information on how to help your child with their learning can be found in our Family Learning Sessions area and on the relevant yeargroup page

Links to websites to support your childs learning can be found on their yeargroup page