To engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religions and worldviews address, so that they can develop the understanding/skills to appreciate/appraise different responses to these questions and ultimately develop their own viewpoint.

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Sevenoaks Primary Skills Progression in RE


Teaching of RE is based on the Kent Agreed Syllabus, as required by law.  At Sevenoaks, we aim to teach RE in an active and creative way to give children every opportunity to: learn about Christianity and the major world religions; and to explore how they might learn from these studies.

At its most basic, the twin aims for RE at SPS are that pupils should:

  • Learn about religion (AT 1)
  • Learn from religion (AT 2)

To expand a bit, the aims are:

  • To enable pupils to acquire knowledge and develop conceptual understanding of and insight into religious beliefs, values, traditions and practices (AT1)
  • To encourage a reflective approach to the study of religious faith and experience so that pupils might use their learning to make meaning and sense of their own beliefs, values and life experience (AT 2)

In the religions which they study, the teaching objectives are for pupils to learn about and from: people; places; writings; worship; festivals and fasts; rites of passage; individual and community; and relationship with the natural world.

Teaching and Learning strategies

As in all areas of the curriculum, children learn best through lively, varied and creative teaching, which use a variety of teaching styles.  In particular, the teaching of AT2 (learning from religion) gives opportunities for a wide range of approaches. Throughout a unit of work, there are opportunities for some or all of the following activities:

  • Studying religious texts or stories
  • Use of ICT for research and presentation
  • Drama
  • Class, paired and group discussions
  • Using music, pictures and photos
  • Handling and investigating artefacts
  • Visits to local churches or other places of worship
  • Visitors from faith communities
  • Cross curricular links to e.g. Literacy, PSHCE

Equal opportunities

As an inclusive school, RE at SPS provides a good opportunity to promote respect for others, particularly those of different faiths and race.  RE should challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, in a sensitive and positive way.  To ensure access of all to the curriculum, normal school guidelines on differentiation and support should be followed.

School and Community Links

SPS has links with several churches within the area. We also have contact with other local organisations who sometimes contribute to our assemblies. We are always keen to develop community links further for the benefit of our children.

To find out more details about the specific religion and the aspects within that religion that your child will be learning about, go to their year group plans.


 Our approach at Sevenoaks Primary School results in a fun, engaging and thought provoking RE education that provides children with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the beliefs of others. It also gives the children opportunities to learn from others and ask reflective questions to learn more about themselves and believers of different religions.  

As the children progress through the school and gain knowledge about different religions they start to; identify the similarities and differences between the main faith groups, make their own conclusions and consider how religious teaching is still relevant to life today.