We are not just makers of history. We are made by history

Martin Luther King, Jr.

History is an integral part of life at Sevenoaks Primary school. We believe that history is a unique way of making sense of our world and understanding others round us. Our history lessons are opportunities for all children to learn about the past and learn from it.

The history curriculum at SPS has been designed so that children will leave the school with a strong grasp of the Britain and other societies in the wider world so that they may understand the complexities that is life.

At Sevenoaks primary school, history lessons challenge children to move past learning key dates and instead to, think deeply about the past through historical concepts. Examples of these might look like historical questions that frame lessons.

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Sevenoaks Primary skills progression in History


Teaching and learning History

Here at Sevenoaks Primary we believe that a strong history curriculum identifies and delivers the most useful knowledge to ensure that all children leave the school with a strong grasp of the history of Britain and the wider world.

Furthermore, history is not merely the learning of facts and dates. We believe that our children should leave Sevenoaks Primary with a knowledge of the discipline of history. Through the sequencing of our lessons, we strive to ensure that pupils can ask and answer historical questions and have a knowledge of the methods of historical enquiry.

 In doing so we are nurturing the natural inquisitiveness and curiosity of children, fostering a desire to not just find out what happened, but why it happened.


How will we know that the children have learnt? We believe that if the children have understood the lessons of history then they will be able to recall them. This means that children will be able to think like a historian, using the appropriate vocabulary to discuss their knowledge.

To support the children with the acquisition and retention of their historical knowledge, as a school we ensure that lessons are intertwined so that children have the opportunity to develop deepen understand.

This will mean that our children are motivated because they are challenged by the history curriculum. Further to this they will be resilient and confident: the skills they develop with contribute to their confidence.