Art is an adventure!

At Sevenoaks Primary School children think of art as a creative journey not just as a finished product.  Children’s art lessons inspire children to develop the skills and equip them with the knowledge to create their own works of art. Art lessons encourage self -expression, visual thinking, problem solving and observation skills. 

Children learn to draw both from their imagination and to make careful observational drawings.  From foundation stage onwards the children will be encouraged to use exploratory drawings and build their experience and understanding of drawing materials. All children have the freedom to be creative and enjoy the subject.  Children enjoy exploring a rage of materials and techniques.  They work large and small scale and develop their observation skill and mark making as they move up the school.  Children learn to understand the roles and purposes of artists, craftspeople & designers.  They spend time observing and mimicking techniques and are ultimately able to select appropriate techniques for their own work.

From year 3 onwards children’s sketchbooks are used to gather, collect, experiment, reflect, and show personality and creativity of their owners.  In our school art is linked to exciting topics but also taught as a subject in its own right.  Art is not a linear process but a gathering of experience and intention.


Sevenoaks Primary Skills Progression in Art


 Art teaching and learning

At Sevenoaks Primary creativity is valued and the children in all year groups enjoy Art lessons.  During lessons the children are supported to use their imagination, take risks and learn how to develop and improve their learning. Children are encouraged to explore a range of techniques and use a variety of materials.  Throughout the school a range of artwork is produced, for example Year 5 children explore printing and Year 6 pupils put their creative skills into play when they take part in a project to design their own carnival costume. Art is mostly taught through a topic based approach to learning and links with the Design and Technology curriculum, for example as a part of their Antarctica topic Year one children have just produced some wonderful penguin Art, including sketches in charcoal, penguin sculptures and a giant igloo made of milk bottles!

Art and the new curriculum

At SPS adjustments to teaching and learning have been made to ensure that the children are benefiting from the new Art curriculum.  In Foundation stage and KS1 the foundations are laid and the children are introduced to the visual language of art and to a set of core skills and principles, so that they are able to progress towards more sophisticated art work as they move up the school.  In line with the new curriculum sketch books have been introduced for key stage 2 children.  The children are being taught to use them as visual diaries to plan and develop their learning. 

Extra curriculum Art

At our weekly Art club the children are able to decide on their own Art projects.  They work individually or in groups and they are supported to explore their own ideas and learn new skills along the way.  The children’s talents and skills are celebrated and valued.  Whole school initiatives such as our successful Art competition encourage the children to be creative at home too.  The Art work produced is now displayed in frames throughout of school building.

Inspiring budding Artist

In lessons we provide opportunities for the children to be inspired by the work of current Artists, Artists from the past as well as the work of Architects and designers.  In addition to this we endeavour to bring the Art world to the children. We have been lucky enough to be involved in a range of projects which help the children to connect with real artists.