Well-being Ambassadors

Well-being Ambassadors: Exciting New Profile for our A-Team 

A few years ago, we received training from the Diana Awards, to enable a body of students to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, who became known as the A-Team. We have decided to build on the fantastic work of the A-Team, by introducing the Well-being Ambassadors, who will promote well-being in a more general sense, including anti-bullying.

The Well-being Ambassadors (WAs), a team of volunteer pupils (elected by their classmates), will be receiving bespoke training in order to equip them with the necessary skills to listen and take action, by getting an incident reported and relevant help sought. They will also help to promote the six ways to well-being within our school: 

The Ambassadors will be supported by a number of members of staff, in order to carry out their role. They will be trained by Mrs Moore (Well-being Lead for the school) and also have regular sessions with Mrs Wright and Mrs Hughes, who will work with the pupils to promote the work they do in school through events and assemblies.

Each Term, the Well-being Ambassadors will focus on one of the six ways to well-being and link it to our values:

Term 1 - PERSEVERANCE - Be active
Term 2 - KINDNESS - Give
Term 3 - LOVE OF LEARNING - Keep learning
Term 4 - CREATIVITY - Take notice
Term 5 - TEAM - Connect
Term 6 - COURAGE - Care for the Planet

Some of our WAs have shared their thoughts about their role.  Please see their comments below: