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  • Sunday 22nd April 2018
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  • 8.52PM
  • Pupils develop very positive attitudes towards learning. – Ofsted 2013
  • There is a delightful atmosphere in lessons because pupils are keen to learn and to try out new activities without fear of failure. – Ofsted 2013
  • Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish. - Parent
  • ‘School is exciting and we learn new things all of the time.’ (Pupil quote) – Ofsted 2013
  • Pupils make good progress across the school, and attainment is above average by the end of Year 6 – Ofsted 2013
  • ‘School is exciting and we learn new things all of the time’ (Pupil quote) – Ofsted 2013
  • We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary – Parent
  • The teaching inspires pupils to do their best and it makes learning exciting. – Ofsted 2013
  • Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally. - Parent

Volunteer Information

Thank you for considering being a volunteer at SPS, click on the link below to access the Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteer Handbook

Child Protection

Please click on files below to see Child Protection guidelines issued to schools, for whole school and early years.

If you have any concerns at all, please report them immediately to the office.

CP School Leaflet

CP Early Years Leaflet


DBS Information
Q. Do I need a full DBS check?
If you are helping in school on a regular basis (ie. at least 3 days in every 30) you will need to have a DBS check - this can be carried out by Rachel Sermon in the school office and will simply require your e-mail address to begin the procedure and a short amount of your time at home to complete your history online.
Q. What ID do I need to bring in for a check after submitting my online history?

For a DBS check :-

Valid Passport

Driving Licence (full or provisional – photocards must be accompanied by paper copy)

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Utility Bills/Bank Statements (less than 3 months old)

National Insurance No (in print please!)

Please bring as many of the above as possible – the computerised process will not allow you to continue until it is satisfied with the ID supplied . . . and this can vary from application to application!
Q. When does my DBS run out?
As long as you do not have a break in volunteering of more than 12 weeks, your Disclosure Certificate will not expire. Only the old format of CRB had an expiry date (these took the form of letter confirmation and not Disclosure Certificates).
Q. Do I have to pay for a DBS check?
No! SPS will meet the administration cost for all its volunteer helpers
Q. Can I use a DBS I have from another setting?
You can only use a DBS that has been issued by SPS. Even though other checks may have been undertaken through Kent nurseries/Ofsted/Scout Assoc etc – your Disclosure Certificate is only portable if you have registered with the DBS Update Service.
Frustrating we know, but this is the current guideline from the DBS Office!