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  • Tuesday 23rd October 2018
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  • 9.18AM
  • There is a delightful atmosphere in lessons because pupils are keen to learn and to try out new activities without fear of failure. – Ofsted 2013
  • Pupils develop very positive attitudes towards learning. – Ofsted 2013
  • ‘We are all equal and our teachers are all kind’ (Pupil quote) – Ofsted 2017
  • The nurture and care you provide for individuals are strengths of the schools work - Ofsted 2017
  • Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned - Ofsted 2017
  • Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally. - Parent
  • Pupils are proud of their school and enthusiastic about their learning - Ofsted 2017
  • Pupils make good progress across the school, and attainment is above average by the end of Year 6 – Ofsted 2013
  • ‘Although it is a large school, a real family feel is fostered - it is palpable’ - Parent
  • Pupils feel safe and said that they trust there is always an adult they can go to if they feel concerned - Ofsted 2017
  • Pupils achieve well at this school - Ofsted 2017
  • We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary – Parent
  • ‘School is exciting and we learn new things all of the time.’ - Pupil
  • The teaching inspires pupils to do their best and it makes learning exciting. – Ofsted 2013

Severe Weather

Sevenoaks Primary School will stay open if at all possible during severe weather such as deep/drifting snow, very high winds, widespread flooding.

We will make every effort to remain open throughout the Winter – however, should we experience such severe conditions that force us to close, these closures will be announced on the following radio stations:-

KMFM : Frequency 96.2/101.6 FM

BBC Radio Kent : Frequency 96.7/104.2 FM

Heart FM : Frequency 103.1/102.8 FM

School closures will also be posted on the KCC website (www.kent.gov.uk/winter) as well as our own SPS website.

Parents have the responsibility of getting children/pupils to and from school safely and need to decide if the journey is safe when severe weather affects transport and/or walking conditions. Parents should inform schools if their child is absent due to severe conditions making the journey unsafe.

If conditions worsen within the school day and we feel for safety reasons that the school should close, parents will be informed by text and a message will be displayed on the school website.

If parents feel it is absolutely necessary to collect children, the school should if possible be contacted prior to collection. Please avoid collecting children before the end of the day unless you feel their safety is at risk.


On occasions, school meal services may be affected by weather conditions so it is a good idea for pupils to bring in extra food. Please ensure your son/daughter is appropriately clothed for cold/wet/windy weather and that shoes/boots have good grip for icy conditions.