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  • Thursday 17th August 2017
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  • Pupils develop very positive attitudes towards learning. – Ofsted 2013
  • There is a delightful atmosphere in lessons because pupils are keen to learn and to try out new activities without fear of failure. – Ofsted 2013
  • ‘School is exciting and we learn new things all of the time.’ (Pupil quote) – Ofsted 2013
  • Pupils make good progress across the school, and attainment is above average by the end of Year 6 – Ofsted 2013
  • We are very proud to say that our children go to Sevenoaks Primary – Parent
  • The teaching inspires pupils to do their best and it makes learning exciting. – Ofsted 2013
  • Sevenoaks Primary is a fantastic, caring school, where my children blossom and flourish, both academically and emotionally. - Parent

Lunch Menus

School Food - Accent Catering
Accent Catering, established 14 years ago, they pride themselves in offering locally sourced fresh food cooked from scratch and have a progressive attitude towards educating children to try different types of food including more varied fruits and vegetables.
Meals are prepared on-site under strict standards of food safety and hygiene. We select reliable, friendly, local staff and employ professional kitchen managers with catering backgrounds.
Our school meals cost £2.25 each, £11.25 Weekly.
The cost of lunches (for KS2 Only) are
Term 1 is £74.25
Term 2 is £83.60
Term 3 is £56.25
Term 4 is £65.25
Term 5 is £65.25
Term 6 is £81.00
(FS & KS1 are free)
To view our lunch menus please click the link.

Lunch Menus

Theme days are:-
Theme day Menus
Term 1
Thursday 21st September – Italian Day
Main and Vegetarian – Margherita Focaccia Pizza
Pasta Bar – Beef Spaghetti Bolognese
Jacket Potato – Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayo
Vegatables - Potato Wedges
Salad Bar
Dessert – orange and polenta cake

Thursday 5th October - School Census Day

Normal School Menu

Please note this is School Census Day and the number of meals provided to children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and 2 will be recorded by the Government to calculate the grant we receive for providing the Universal Infant Free School Meals. If your child has a free school meal, even if it is just occasionally, we would encourage you to order a meal for your child on this day so that we receive funding for your child.

Thursday 19th October – Diwali
Main - Mild Chicken Curry
Vegetarian -Sweet Potato and Chick Pea Curry
Jacket Potato – Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayo
Vegetables - Pilau Rice and Naan Bread
Dessert - Ice cream
Or to download this terms menu's click on the file below.
  1. SEVENOAKS PRIMARY MAIN MENUS Terms 1 and 2 2017
  2. SPS Catering FAQ Jan 2017